Today’s networks are more complicated than ever. The need for permanent Internet connections has led to making the office network as bullet proof as possible.
Uptime has designed and implemented networks as small as two PCs all the way up to multi-site multi-LAN network models.


We have implemented firewalls from Cisco, Netgear, SonicWall, Checkpoint and Watchguard and will match the best firewall for your networking infrastructure. Making sure you have the correct router is the lynch pin to any proper network design. Creating a VPN tunnel for remote access is a requirement for most businesses, so let us help you ensure your firewall choice is the right one.


Are you having issues with Internet reliability and speed?We have partnered with all the major vendors and can help you procure faster service.


If you have an old 10 BaseT network, let us upgrade you to a gigabit or 10gig network. We have replaced old and outdated wiring in many office buildings new and old. You’d be surprised how fast your network will run on a modern gigabit network.

Remote Access

Accessing your data from outside the data is not a luxury anymore but a must. Various technologies can be implemented to solve this requirement. Whether it be dedicated VPN’s or on demand remote workstation access, we can analyze your needs and determine the best solution that works for you and your employees.


Is your network speed not up to snuff? Chances you have a network node that is monopolizing your bandwidth. Our proprietary network traffic tools can determine where that bottleneck might be.