Uptime can help businesses with all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

From small break fix work, to whole office network deployments, Uptime has probably seen it and done it!

We offer:

  1. Server/Client Deployment And Maintenance – No matter the Vendor (Dell, HP, IBM, etc.) or the operating system (Windows, MAC, Unix, Linux, etc), Uptime can support all your computing hardware.
  2. Backup Services – Both onsite and cloud based backup services should be implemented by all small businesses. Let us customize a backup policy that works for you.
  3. Virus Protection – Uptime can deploy most of the popular Virus detection engines and has partner agreements with most of them to control costs.
  4. SPAM Detection – This service is pretty much a must in business today. Let us help you control the runaway production sink hole that is SPAM!
  5. Content Filtering – Are your employees wasting your time on money on the Internet? Let us show you how our Internet proxy solutions can limit access.
  6. Remote Access – From complex VPN’s to simple workstation office access, Uptime can implement a safe encrypted way to reach your data away from the office.
  7. Email Hosting – Are you fighting duplicate emails on multiple devices? Let us show you how hosted email solutions can give you a single mailbox, calendar, and contact list synchronized to all your devices.
  8. Smartphone/Tablets – Integrating these devices into your IT environment should be as seamless as your PC. Uptime can show you how to turn these devices into indispensable business tools.
  9. Copier Integration – These devices typically print and scan on the network. Uptime has set them up from pretty much all the leading Copier manufacturers (Shart, Toshiba, Lanier, Xerox, Ricoh, etc…)